Success in converting a weldment into a steel casting part (part 3)

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As demonstrated in a previous article, about BSL Casting project featuring the conversion of a differential housing for a railcart manufacturer; during the same project our partner had also to convert a few railcart axles, including attached open cast pivoting axle.

As you can certainly notice in attached picture, the shapes of the weldment we certainly not optimal ones. The modified cast design has enabled the addition of multiples radius to assure a solid quality part. Without considering that the one-cast piece would feature no welding line on it, avoiding that these ones crack and weaken the assembly.

Also, in the original weldment part, the 2 spindles (on which the wheel and brake system are installed) at both ends where welded on the axle. An inefficient set-up as when a spindle would break, all the assembly would need to be replaced. The updated cast design features one bolt circle at each end flange to install the spindle and remove this one should it breaks. Resulting in a significant increase in the life-expectancy of the axles and an annual cost-reduction for the railroad maintenance end-customer.

Finally, the conversion has generated an overall average cost-reduction ranging from 15% to 25% dependly of the specific axle/housing part.

To know more about what BSL Casting can offer in term of converting machined and weldment part into casting, please visit them at:
Or call them up at (418) 725-5543 or call Metallurgical Resources (authorized sales representative of BSL Casting) at (514) 236-5441.

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