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November the 4th, 2016

Metallurgical Resources is proud to announce this agreement effective as of November 2016.

Pierre Belley, principal at Metallurgical Resources, has been managing the Sales development of the BSL Casting foundry from their beginning in 2009 until September 2016.
We are then happy to pursue the work initiated many years ago for this steel casting foundry, and this for the Province of Quebec as well as elsewhere across North-America.

BSL Casting’s specialty is to cast parts of 2000 lbs and less in the no-bake sandcasting process.

The foundry pours a wide range of materials, such as :
– All the Carbon steels ;
– All the low and high alloys steels ;
– All the stainless steels, including the duplex ones ;
– All the heat-resistant steels ;
– Manganese steels ;
– All the high chromium and nickel irons (including Ni-Hard) upon the ASTM A532 standard and offering superior abrasion resistance properties ;
– All the martensitic and Chrome-Moly steels that are currently used in the Mining sector for their impact resistance properties ;

The technical staff at BSL Casting is capable to properly support you on both the design aspect as well as the selection of the proper alloy vs your specific requirements.

BSL Casting is online at :

To know more about what BSL Casting can do for your company please contact me at (514) 236-5441 or by email at

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