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Metallurgical Resource is proud to introduce you with the new website of our partner Laroche foundry:
Laroche is specialized in the pouring of grey and ductile cast iron alloys for parts up to 3000 lbs upon the most common ASTM north-american standards.

Their main focus is in the following 2 market segments:
- Municipal cast parts, especially the customized municipal casting parts such as detectable warning plates, sewer, waterworks and drainage as well as tree guards cast parts;

- Customized cast parts for the needs of various industries, such as:
1. Components for the agriculture and forestry segments;
2. Components for the aluminum smelter plants;
3. Components for the mining industry;
4. Components for the rail and transportation material segment;
5. Components for the hydraulic cylinder systems;
6. Components for the wood and other types of stove;
7. Components for the power generation industry;
8. Various industries

Laroche has notably developed a capability to efficiently produce small dimension cast parts of higher quality grade by integrating the new DISA/MATCH automated moulding line 18 months ago; this new asset enables them to produce high-scale volume of order while delivering standardized quality parts.

To know more about what Laroche foundry can do for your company, please contact Metallurgical Resources :
By telephone at (514) 236-5441
By email at

Or simply click the link below :

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