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Various types of industries successfully using the cobalt alloys

The cobalt alloys feature numerous benefits helping to meet specific requirements in various industries. It is a versatile material combining wear, corrosion and high-temperature resistance.

Many users have understood the benefits of using such an alloy and it is now commonly used in many market segments such as aerospace, oil & gas and in the automotive industry as well.

It is an advantage to us cobalt-base alloys for parts exposed in harsh environments.

The heat and wear resistant properties of such alloys has led the aerospace industry to make gas turbine components in cobalt alloys. The turbine components are critical parts exposed to constant heat and wear while in function. Also, some other parts such as valve seat and fuel injector are also often made in cobalt material.

The combination of resistance to wear and high-temperature are the reasons why the cobalt alloys are commonly used for the furnace sub-components. Considering the wide variety of materials burned within incinerators combined to the constant variation of the temperature in it, the inner mechanisms must operate without a problem. That is why most of the sub-components in incinerators are often made in cobalt materials.

The manufacturing of medical devices is also using the cobalt alloys for some specific requirements. Cobalt has been commonly used for years in the fabrication of dental prothesis, bridges and crowns. More recently, this material has also been incorporated in the making of hip prothesis due to the wear and erosion resistance of the cobalt material. Resulting in such components introduced within a human body that will feature a long life-expectancy.

Moreover, many metallic components used in the oil & gas industries are made of cobalt alloys. More specificly, there are many pumps and other equipments sub-components made of cobalt alloy to prevent quick wear of the parts because the pumping process of oil includes much sand in it.

Other parts are made to meet specific requirements at various stages in the oil & gas extraction process. As a matter of fact, once the drilling of the oil well has been completed, a mechanical arm is dropped into the well while drasticly changing of direction before reaching the bottom part of it by the useage of a special elbow component. This last elbow part is worn out very rapidly when manipulated in an unappropriated manner. Consequently, many oil & gas companies do use cobalt made elbows in order to prevent the quick wear of that components that would lead to downtime in production.

Finally, we have also found that this alloy is used in other market segments than the heavy industries ones where it makes a difference. It is the case for all processes requiring cutting operations.
Haynes realized the incredible potential of this alloy when developing the Stellite material. As a matter of fact, the products made with cobalt alloys can maintain a remarkable precision while offering high level of durability under extreme conditions and temperatures.

All in all the parts made in cobalt material contributes to save much time in production for the ones that use them. A very good example is that where customers used to replace some commodity parts every couple days and weeks, the life-expectancy has significantly increased to the point they can now reduce the maintenance down time big time since the parts will last many more months (and in some cases more than a year).
Resulting in a significant improvement of the productivity and the production flow.

We have shown only a few application of this very versatile alloy that is commonly used for some components installed in our cars, boats, mines and in the agriculture equipments.

You wonder if this type of material could be of some help for your specific applications?
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